Our sessions

The initial consultation

The free initial consultation, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, is a chance for you to understand more about hypnotherapy and the approach I would take to working with you. There is absolutely no obligation to commit to anything at this stage and I will provide you with a free relaxation track to listen to betweeen sessions.

Hypnotherapy sessions

If you decide that hypnotherapy is for you, each of our sessions will follow a structure which you will become familiar and comfortable with.  The first part of the session will be used to encourage the positive part of your mind to become open to new ideas and ways of thinking to help you reach the positive solutions you have been searching for. The second part of the session will involve relaxation during which time you will sit or lie comfortably while listening to some soothing music while I speak to the subconscious part of your mind, helping to reinforce the positive ideas you have created in the earlier part of the session, If you have never experienced hypnosis before, you will be reassured to know that you will be in full control throughout and that I can only help you to achieve things you genuinely want to.

Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Learn techniques for a relaxed and calm birth experience for you, your birth partner and your baby. Empower yourself to be confident and in control of your own birth experience no matter what path it takes.

Relaxation sessions

Just need a bit of chill out time? This is a perfect opportunity to restore clarity and positivity. Just switch off and allow the naturally positive, solution focused part of your mind to calmly sort out all the baggage which it can collect up in your busy everyday life.

Weight Management Groups

I run group sessions to help you manage your relationship with food, drink and exercise and better manage your weight. These courses focus on changing mindset and provide effective and sustainable results as well as being good fun. Times and venues can be flexible although a minimum of 4 people would be needed for a course to run. The course consists of 3 sessions run over a 6 week period.