What my customers have to say

Debbie, Swindon

I did a course of hypnotherapy with Nicola for anxiety. I can honestly say my life has improved greatly. Subtle changes to my confidence have snowballed into a much happier and confident me. I'm so glad I did it and thank you Nicola!

Emma, Purton

I feel totally different already. I'm calmer and more relaxed and I really enjoy it too!

Mrs P, Hampshire

My daughter has had a needle phobia since a bad vaccination experience as a little girl. Since then we’ve had terrible trouble with blood tests. Now age 12, she needed to have a blood test for glandular fever. I didn’t know what to do as she was refusing. Then we found Nicola. Over a few Skype calls and one face-to-face session, she worked with Ellen to overcome her fear. The blood test went so smoothly the nurses said she was one of the best patients they’ve ever had. I can’t thank Nicola enough for helping Ellen overcome her phobia. I don’t know how it works, but it does! I recommend Nicola for working with children to overcome their fears as she has a very pleasant and friendly way of working with young people and putting them at their ease.

AT, West Swindon

I've been suffering for over 18 years with hot flushes brought on by chemotherapty. Nicola has really helped me to cope with these by showing me how to use both visualisation and relaxation.  She has a lovely gentle manner and makes one feel very at ease. Thank you!

CS, Wanborough

Nicola has been helping me to manage my tinnitus and things are now a lot quieter, I am now listening and enjoying all the different sounds around me and not letting tinnitus ruin or rule my life, so many many thanks Nicola.

Terry, Swindon

    A very pleasant and relaxing experience! And successful! I haven't smoked for nearly 5 weeks!