About Me



 After 20 years working in a corporate setting and seeing first hand how the stresses and strains of everyday life really can affect our mental health, I decided to change the direction of my career and do something that would really benefit others. So, I set up my own hypnotherapy clinic in Wanborough just outside Swindon.


Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has helped me at two very key stages of my life so far. At 26, I began suffering debilitating panic attacks which turned into agoraphobia and generalised anxiety. I felt as though I was trapped and that nothing would ever be the same again until I found hypnotherapy and got my life back. Ten years later when I became pregnant with my daughter, I embarked on a hypnobirthing course which helped me immeasurably throughout pregnancy and the birth itself which was a calm, comfortable and totally amazing experience. Why wouldn't I want to share this lovely approach with others?


My commitment to you

I am passionate about helping people improve their mental health and wellbeing which in turn will often mean an improvement in their physical health. I will work with you on an individual basis to help you learn techniques which you can re-use throughout your life, whenever you need to. Every consultation is held in the strictest confidence and I will never encourage you to have more sessions than you genuinely require.



Contact Me

Helping you to help yourself

Please contact me with any questions you may have:

07578 591577 or  nicoladawn78@icloud.com

4 Tallow Lane, Wanborough, Swindon, SN4 0BN

Nicola Cook BA (Hons), HPD, DSFH, AfSFH, MNCH, CNHC

Nicola Cook Hypnotherapy

4 Tallow Lane, Wanborough, Swindon, SN4 0BL, United Kingdom

Opening Hours

   I am able to offer appointments during the daytime or evening so please contact me to discuss availability. I usually monitor emails every couple of hours so you can look forward to a quick response!